Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have assembled some frequently asked questions to help guide our visitors through the decision making process and to make sure your visit here is easy and as seamless as possible. We are dedicated to finding consumers valuable deals and coupon codes for buying flowers and gifts online for any occasion. This page will be updated frequently to address questions that we come across, and fill the need to inform our visitors about.

I didn't apply my coupon code when I ordered?

When a merchant offers a coupon code it's very important to look for the field where you need to apply the coupon code. Every merchant is different and puts there coupon code offer box in a different location on the order form.

For every merchant page we have listed you will see a box on the bottom of the page that gives you details on what to look for when you apply your coupon code. In the event that you don't apply the coupon code after completing the order process you can not go back to make adjustments after you have placed your order. If you have completed the order process you will need to contact the merchant and let them know that you had a coupon code and see if they will make the adjustment.

What if my coupon code doesn't work?

If you are using a coupon code and it doesn't deduct the percentage or dollar amount from your order, it's possible that the coupon code has either expired or you have incorrectly typed the coupon code. Go back to the page you found the coupon code and check to see if there is an expiration date -If not then you may have incorrectly spelled the code.

Also some merchants will not allow coupon codes to be applied to certain products. The merchant that doesn't accept coupon codes for certain products will illustrate this on the product page for that particular item.

If you have more than one item in your shopping cart, the item eligible for a reduction in price will have the coupon code applied to the price.

Why are some deals listed as discounts vs a coupon?

For some merchants the discount has already been applied to the product when you visit the page. You will more than likely see a mark down price along side the original price which reflects the percentage off or dollar value difference. With a coupon code you need to enter the coupon code value during the order process to see your final price.

Often coupon codes are exclusive offers given to merchant partners and can vary in offer amount.

How often can I use a promotional coupon code?

You can use the coupon code as often as you like so long as it has not expired.

The merchant doesn't have a coupon code available?

Some merchants don't always post coupon codes but if they are available we do post them. If you are looking for a code from a merchant but don't see one, send us an email and we will try to see if there will be any new codes in the future.

Which online florist offers the best deals?

Each online flower shop is different and while some promote deals on particular bouquets or categories, some will offer deals on the majority of their products. It's best to take a look at each one you're interested in ordering from to see if there are deals available. Other factors can also determine your ordering decision like who can deliver your boquet when you need them - same day or next day delivery.

Where can I find free shipping or free delivery?

Free shipping or free delivery are special incentives or special discounts offered by the merchants. If a merchant is running a special on free shipping or delivery we will post that free shipping code when it is available.

Often free shipping or free delivery discounts aren't everyday incentives and are usually the most visible around the national holidays and special events.

If you have any other questions not answered here please email them to