Flowers & Gifts Guide

We've posted a number of articles on a range of topics related to saving money on flowers and other interesting tid bits. Browse the summary post below to see what they're about.

types-of-sympathyflowersHow To Send Funeral Flowers - Need a little help figuring out how to send sympathy flowers. See our breakdown of arrangements you can send and how to make sure you send the right message with funeral flowers.

funeral-flowers-to-sendDifferent Types of Funeral or Sympathy Flowers - There are a variety of different types of funeral flowers you can send. Learn what types of flowers are available to send to a grieving family.

card-messagesCard Messages For Sending Flowers - Writing a brief message on a card can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. We put together a list of card messages for various occasions from Mother's Day messages to get well soon messages. See them all.

mothers-day-guideA Guide to Sending Mother's Day Flowers - What type of flowers will yous end mom this mother's day. Make it easy and see some very simple ways to pick the right bouquet for mom.

birthday-flowers-guideA Guide to Birthday Flower Delivery - Birthday are fun and exciting times and sending birthday flowers to wish someone a happy birthday will definetly brighten your birthday recipients day. Check out some of the ways you can make sending birthday flowers easy and fun.

diy-wedding-flowers-thumbnailDIY Wedding Flowers - Thousands of brides design and create there own wedding flower arrangements. See all the options available for saving money on wedding flowers by doing them yourself.

get-well-soonGet Well Soon Flowers Guide - Learn some cool ways to help cheer someone up with get well soon flowers and how to send them to send them to a recipient in the hospital.

anniversary-flowersAnniversary Flowers by Year - Not sure what flowers to send for your wedding anniversary. We've listed all the flowers for every anniversary milestone.

man-picking-up-flowersSending Flowers to a Man - Wait! Before you send flowers to a guy there are a few things you should know first. See our break down and find out if sending flowers to a guy is the right thing to do.

flowers impact Why You Should Send Flowers? - Studies have shown that flowers have a much greater impact on our well being and mood then we had known. Find out why sending flowers can be a great way to lift someones spirits.

rainbow-roses-thumbnailHow To Dye Fresh Cut Flowers - Dying flowers is a very cool technique that produces some really awesome looking flowers. Check out the easy steps involved to produce your own dyed flowers.

plants-for-air-qualityTop 10 Plants For Your Home and Health - Studies conducted by NASA show that house plants in the home can be benfecial to the air quality in your home. See our list of house plants to improve your indoor air.

flower delivery adviceOnline Flower Delivery Advice - Often ordering flowers online can lead to unwanted results - like undelivered flowers or flowers that look aweful. Check out some simple and easy wasy to make sure your online ordering goes as smooth as possible.

timber bambooFun Facts about Plant - There are hundreds even thousands of different plant species and we've uncovered some very cool an interesting facts you may have never known or seen.

flower buying trends infographicWomen Buy Far More Flowers Than Men - Data has shown what many people already suspect that women do buy more flowers than men. Take a look at this infographic we put together that visually breaks down the numbers.

flower deals onlineHow do you find the Best Flower Coupons Online - Everyone who shops online whats to find the best possible deals and buying flowers is no exception. We lay down some easy steps to make sure you find the best deals online for flowers.

flower delivery deals5 Tips for Finding Flower Delivery Deals Online - Get the most out of your online ordering buy finding the right flower delivery deals. We give you 5 easy steps to follow to make buying flowers easier.

valentines day dealsHow to Find The Best Deals for Valentine's Day Flowers - The cost of Valentine's day flowers tend to sky rocket and we give you some easy ways to make sure you spend less to get the quality flowers you want.

local florist delivery vs onlineLocal Florist vs. Online Florist - If you think there maybe an advantage to ordering local flowers vs. online think again. We compare the two options and see where they stack up.

shopping for flower dealsShopping For Discount Flowers Finding deals onl flowers isn't hard if you are looking in the places. Check out some of the ways we shopping online can benefit your budget.