Anniversary Flowers by Year

Celebrating an Anniversary with Flowers

Wedding anniversaries mark a full year of commitment that is celebrated as a milestone. To celebrate the years of marital bliss couples often mark the occasion and recommit themselves to each other as they did the day they were married with gifts or romantics trips.

Flowers continue to be a popular gift for celebrating anniversaries as some blooms signify wedding anniversary milestones.

You can share a bouquet of anniversary flowers over a nice dinner for two, and you make it extra special when you pick the flowers that mark the number of years in marital bliss. Find the perfect bouquet year after year and make your anniversary special and unique.

Anniversary Flowers by Year

1st anniversary - Carnations represent the bonds of commitment and joy for years ahead.

2nd anniversary - For the 2nd anniversary, the lily of the valley symbolizes the purity of your relationship along with devotion.

3rd anniversary - For your 3rd anniversary, sunflowers represents the bond which also indicates strength and warmth that is shown in loyalty and fidelity.

4th anniversary - The hydrangea is the flower representing your 4th anniversary symbolizing gratefulness and appreciation.

5th anniversary - On the 5th year anniversary daisies represent the innocence and gentleness of a romantic future.

6th anniversary - The Calla lilies represent the growth and beauty of love celebrated and wisdom for your 6th year.

7th anniversary - On the 7th year the Freesia, stands for trust and faithfulness.

8th anniversary - On the 8th year the lilacs symbolizes the fondness of a couples' love and their first emotions.

9th anniversary - The magnificence and splendor of celebrating love on the 9th year is represented by bird of paradise.

10th anniversary - On the 10th anniversary a yellow daffodil represents the simple pleasures that a couple shares.

11th anniversary - A tulip on the 11th years symbolizes love and devotion as well as deep passion.

12th anniversary - On the 12th anniversary the Peony conveys a message of honor and the fortune of a happy relationship.

13th anniversary - A chrysanthemum on the 13th year represents the abundance of love.

14th anniversary - For pure affection, orchids during the 14th anniversary represent understanding and mature charm.

15th anniversary - Roses celebrate the beauty and simplicity of love between two individuals. Its one of the most beautiful flowers associated with the 15th year.

20th anniversary - On the 20th year the Aster symbolizes wisdom and prosperity.

25th anniversary - For the 25th anniversary, the iris symbolizes the faith and promise of blissful and lasting marriage.

30th anniversary - On the 30th anniversary the Lily means an abundance of pride, beauty and devotion.

40th anniversary - On the 40th anniversary vibrancy and remembrance is signified by gladiolus.

50th anniversary - For the 50th anniversary, yellow roses and violets celebrates virtue, humility and faith.