Card Messages for Sending Flowers

If you're struggling to find the right words to put on a card to make your floral gift complete use this guide to complete your message. Here are common card messages to help express your thoughts for special holidays and for non-holiday events. Often expressing the right sentiment can make sending flowers or gifts an easy experience.

Messages for Valentine's Day Cards

valentines day card messagesExpressing love and devotion maybe easy for some but for others who struggle with just a few words to write, we have a few suggested messages you can use to add little something special to you card or gift. You don't have to use them word word for word but they may provide you with a little inpiration to make your Valentines feel special. See the list of 25 Valentine's Day card messages.

Messages for Mother's Day Cards

mothers day card messagesWe love our moms! They do so much for us and never get enough thanks. When it's time to share with our mother's just how much we appreciate them, sometimes gift or flowers alone are never enough to express our gratitude. On Mother's Day or any day you want to express your appreciation it's always a great idea to share a few words of thanks with her. For suggestions we put together some Mother's Day card messages for you to get a little inspiration from.

Messages for Father's Day Cards

card messages for dadsDads rock so make sure you say so when you need to tell him how much he's made a difference in your life. There a lot of dad's who just never get enough thanks for the advice and security they give our families. If your Dad's been the rock for you and you just don't know how you can tell him check out our list of suggested messages you can add to a card. See the list of Father's Day card messages

Messages for Holiday Cards

holiday card messagesHolidays are special and we cherish the moments when we get the time to spend with our family and friends and celebrate the season. But we can't always spend the time we want with family that's far away or with friends we haven't seen so around the holidays it is cutomary to send out cards with Holday wishes and to express our love for them. For pointer and suggested messages to put on a card see our Holiday Season card messages.

Messages for Romantic Cards

romantic card messagesFor your special interest or growing romance you're feeling something special and you need to say it on a card. It's hard to describe how love can impact many people and it's no wonder we look to buy cards to come up with the right words to capture just what we feel or have know about the one we love. If you need a few suggestions check out our list and use them to write your Romance and Love card messages.

Messages for Sympathy Cards

sympathy card messagesGrieving the loss of a loved one or expressing sympathy for a friend who has lost someone in their family can be a deleicate time. Knowing what to say and when to say it can be crucial in showing how much you care and how you feel. It's never an easy thing to do but try to console your recipeint with these tips on sending Sympathy card messages to show how you care.

Messages for Get Well Soon Cards

getwell soon messagesKnowing someone going through an illness can be challenging because you want to show them you care and support them. Words of encouragment can go along way in helping someone heel during their recovery. Often recovery may not be possible so it's important to choose the right words for both circumstance. You can show you care by sending the right message by using our suggested tips for sending Get Well messages.


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