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romantic messages for cards Romantic Card Messages

If you're sending flowers to say I love you, happy anniversary or just to say I love you, and you're not sure what words to use on a card-note or even a standard card we've put together 35 romantic card messages. You can use them to draw inspiration from, add them to whatever message you've already written, or use them as is.

If your into ecards check out sites like which has a short list of love and romance ecard messages you can send. Our staff favorites come from which has some nice love ecards options. We also like the love and dating ecards options from

Our romantic card messages that you can write-out below will give you some good ideas to get you started, especially when you need to express your love for someone you care about. Most of them are gender neutral and can be tailored to be for a man or a woman.

For Him/Her

  1. I'm convinced that love was invented just for us. I hope you know how much I love our relationship and I hope you know that I'm still in love with you!
  2. Sweetheart our life together is really good and I'm so proud to have you by my side. I find so many reasons to love you more each day.
  3. Honey, I believe in miracles, and I believe in the impossible, because you made all my dreams come true.
  4. My love, I couldn't do without you. I surely wouldn't change a thing about you. I love you so much for giving me all that you have.
  5. Honey you are at the center of my world and you are all that is good and happy and meaningful in my life.
  6. I never gave it a second thought. I knew right from the start that no one else could be the true love of my heart.
  7. Next to you is where I want to be. With you always you are home to me.
  8. I never knew one could be so happy, until I met you! You've entered my life and made it so beautiful.
  9. Sweetheart If roses could speak the words of my heart I would send you the yellow roses for being there beside me, the pink roses for bringing happiness to my world, the red roses to say, You'll always be there in my heart - I Love You!
  10. I just want to tell you this, from the bottom of my heart, You mean everything to me, You are everything to me... I'll forever keep loving you.
  11. Finally my lonely days are over. I have found my true love.
  12. When I found you I became a true believer. Now I know that two people can be made especially for each other. I love you!
  13. No matter where we are there's nothing in between us. What always keeps us close together is the deep love we share.
  14. The first time I saw you I was speechless - The first time I touched you I became numb - The first time you kissed me it felt like heaven. Fallen in love with you has been the most beautiful experience in my life.
  15. When I feel down I think of your smile, your touch, your sweet face, and it keeps me going. Your love makes my day!
  16. I love the way you care for me so much. The way you kiss me the way you hold me and the way you are always there with me. And I am glad you are mind - I love you!
  17. I love you for so many reasons. For everyday you've been in my life. For every moment you've brightened with your smile. For every hard time you've helped me through. For every beautiful memory we've made together. You are my rock, my protector my heart my cherished companion my true counterpart. You are my soul mate my friend...Now and forever.
  18. When you wrap your arms around me I know I'll never be alone. It's all the things you do that make me feel completely loved by you.
  19. My world looks beautiful when you are by my side. I love you! I want our love to last forever and ever!
  20. As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change... I will always be in love with you
  21. Sweetheart, you are my dream come true! I love you more than you can ever imagine!
  22. Love lasts forever, through the ups and downs of life we'll always be together! I love you.
  23. The only place in the whole wide world where I would like to be is Beside You!
  24. I love this feeling of love and I love you for all that you are and all that you do.
  25. You are in my thoughts, you are in my dreams, and you are the reason for every smile I smile.
  26. Wishing you another year of joy and happiness on this special day - Happy Anniversary!
  27. I hope you two continue having the best in life with each other!
  28. Wishing you a whole lot of happiness, today and all through the year.
  29. You mean the world to me, with you my life is complete. I love you!
  30. You are like a blessing in disguise. You are like a dream come true. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.
  31. You are my best friend. Without you I am lost and I'm thankful you have found me!
  32. I love you and I want you by my side morning, noon, night and forever.
  33. Sweatheart, Hope this day brings us many more lovely moments together! Love you more & more each day.
  34. Ever since you came into my life you made it so wonderful. You make me feel special with everything you do and all that you say. On our special day, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am madly in love with you and will love you forever and ever.
  35. I love you for giving me all the wonderful moments in life!

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