DIY Wedding Flowers: A Primer

Bridal Party Flowers When it comes to choosing the right wedding flowers that display your personal spirit on your special day here are a few ideas to consider whether you have a wedding organizer arranging your wedding flowers or its a do-it-yourself wedding.

Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

On factor you should be concerned about when ordering bulk wedding flowers online is the timing of your order. You should plan to have them sooner rather than later.

If you order quality wedding flowers from a reputable florist with a solid track record on delivering quality, your farm fresh flowers will be conditioned to last 7 - 10 days under normal room temperatures.

Flowers that are cut and shipped straight from the farm need time to open since they are still in bud stage when cut. It's an important point to remember if this is a do it yourself wedding. So remember order sooner rather than later and not focus on too much on the possibility of your wedding flowers wilting overnight.

Ordering 7-10 days in advance of the actual wedding day is best especially since certain flowers will need about 7 days to bloom. To be safe check with the online wedding flower wholesaler as to how long your wedding flowers will need to come to their optimum bloom.

Wedding Flowers by FiftyFlowers.comWedding Flowers by FiftyFlowersWedding Flowers and Your Environment

No we don't mean having an environmentally safe wedding although there are more and more green-weddings or eco-friendly weddings with the popularity of conservation and environmental responsibility.

Yet we mean when you're considering your type of wedding flowers your environment or surroundings may play a role in your flower selection process. Is the wedding outdoors or indoors. What time of day will you have your wedding and what colors are you planning to use.

Roses, lilies and orchids are popular so if you plan to use a certain colors you will find an array of flower colors with these blooms. Plan to have a floral scheme around location and bridesmaids' dresses.

Wedding Flowers by the Season

There is vast array of flowers you can chose that compliments the time of year your wedding will take place. For Fall weddings you may consider the deep, rich reds, golds, and browns, while spring weddings can be a perfect opportunity to brighten ordinary white bouquets with mixtures of pink and yellow.

The type of wedding flowers you chose may also help determine when you want to have your wedding. Below is a short list of popular flowers by season.

Spring Wedding Flowers in Season

Casa Blanca Lily - White
Daffodil - Yellow
Delphinium - White, Blue
Hyacinth - Purple, Pink or White
Lilacs -Violet or White
Peony - Pink or White
Star Gazer Lily - Pink and White
Sweetpea - White, pink, red/coral, lavender
Tulip - White, pink, yellow, red, and purple

Summer Wedding Flowers in Season

Alstromeria - orange, pink, yellow and cream
Chrysanthemum - White, Yellow, Orange, Pink
Gerbera Daisy - Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
Hydrangea - White, Blue, Purple, Pink
Iris - Purple, Blue, White
Larkspur - White, Purple, Blue, Pink
Liatris - Pinkish Purple
Lily, asiatic - White, Pink, Yellow, Orange

Fall Wedding Flowers in Season

Aster - White, Pink
Chrysanthemum - White, Yellow, Orange, Pink
Dahlia - Many Colors
Marigold - Yellow, Orange, Red
Statice - Purple
Zinnia - Red, orange, pink
Dried Leaves

Winter Wedding Flowers in Season

Amaryllis - Red, White
Anemone - Blue, red, pink, white
Bells of Ireland - Green
Camellias - White, Pink
Casa Blanca Lily - White
Cosmos - Pink, White, Brown
Daffodil - Yellow
Holly - Green with Red Berries
Jasmine - White


DIY Wedding Centerpieces - Dressing the Table

When your guests arrive at your wedding reception you want your wedding centerpieces and aisle decor to be spectacular and memorable. Once you find the right bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, you may want to use some of the same flowers used in the bouquets for interesting centerpieces. Also consider flowers like roses, irises, peonies and perhaps hydrangea to mix it up.

There are lots of creative ideas and examples of great wedding centerpieces online to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing if you are doing it yourself. You can always task the centerpieces to a wedding florist or your wedding organizer if time is of the essence.