Flower Delivery Advice for Ordering Flowers Online

5 tips to eliminate some common flower delivery mistakes.

flower delivery manWhen you use an online flower shop for your flower delivery service and the flowers aren't delivered to the right destination - we've got problems. After all, you've spent your money and you expect your money's worth.

We depend on these floral shops to not only delivery the flowers that we want, but ultimately deliver the flowers that we purchased without a hitch.

I've seen countless customer reviews of various online flower shops, and one of the most frequent complaints from consumers is the mistakes committed by them. This is one consumer complaint on PriceGrabber.com:

"I am deeply disappointed in the service. The flowers I ordered a month in advance for my wife's anniversary were never delivered. No explanation has been offered. No credit has been issued, but that is not the point. The point is my anniversary was ruined."

What a shame - right! When we order flowers we expect them to be delivered at the time and place of our choosing, because the flowers will most likely coincide with an important occasion.

You can do your own due diligence to ensure your flowers get delivered to the right place by following these 5 helpful tips:

  1. Cross every 't' and dot every 'i'. Double check your delivery address. Check your zip code, spelling of the city and business locations. Sometimes the smallest errors create the biggest headaches.
  2. Do some research and ask how your flowers will be delivered and ask if you will be able to track your order online or via phone.
  3. Make a note to tell the florist or in your online order about anything that might prevent your order from being delivered like construction in the area, traffic detours, etc.
  4. Make sure there will be someone to receive the order. Some flower delivery services will leave them on the door step of the delivery address without signature. But do you really want your flowers left alone to be potentially stolen - of course not!
  5. Seek a guarantee. Some online shops will give you a refund if you aren't totally satisfied.

There maybe numerous reasons why they fail to deliver your flowers on time. One, if your flower order is during a peak time like Valentine's Day or Mother's day the flower delivery service may have ten times as many flowers to deliver as normal, and yours just didn't get on the delivery truck - which is still their problem to correct. Also, the delivery service may run into logistical problems and can't find the location no matter how much they know the area.

Providing the right delivery information is probably the most critical aspect of your flower delivery order. But the burden is still on the florist to deliver after you have done your part. If they come through then they have probably earned a new customer and your trust!

Why even use an online flower delivery service?

For one, an online flower shop makes buying and sending flowers online as convenient, quick and easy as going to a fast-food drive through. It's instant, with an array of floral arrangements on your computer screen to choose from.

Some of the benefits of using an online flower shop are the delivery options. You can choose when and where weeks in advance as to when you want your flowers delivered. Also, you can track your order as to when they were shipped and when they arrived at the requested destination.

Many online retailers also provide additional services to help you keep track of important events buy using applications like gift reminder services. You generally plug in your email address with a date of your special occasion and you'll get notified that it's time to send something special.

There are hundreds of online flower retailers but most people go with the big brands like FTD, Teleflora, Proflowers and 1-800-Flowers. They usually have large enough delivery networks and fulfillment systems that will enable you to get flowers to anyone within the USA and internationally. For instance, Teleflora's network of U.S. local florists is considerably larger than some of their competitors.

Consider the tips above to help you eliminate mistakes in ordering flowers. Who you choose to order flowers from, is also important. Online flower shops have made it really convenient to order flowers fast from the comfort of your home or office.