Birth Flowers For The Month

Traditionally birth flowers were planted to celebrate the season in which a child was born. There is a birth flower or two that represent every month. Knowing what flower represent the month can help someone determine what flowers to buy to celebrate a birthday.

Want to give flowers to someone for their birthday but you don't know what kind. Find the flower of the month they were born in below. See a list of birthday flower deals

January: Carnation

The birth flower for January is the carnation. Carnations are often worn on special occassion and have been traditionally associated with showing love and gratitude.

February: Iris

A flashy flowery plant that often comes in hues of blue and white. The iris represents faith, wisdom, and hope. Iris bouquets are a thougthful gift for a February birthday.

March: Daffodil

Daffodils are one of the first flowers to mark the spring season. They are known to symbolize rebirth and rejuvenation. The daffodils can also be considered the flower of chivalry, respect, or unrequited love.

April: Daisy

Daises represent the month of April and symbolize innocence. Daises are recognized by their large vibrant blooms and have been a considered one of the top flowers to give someone.

May: Lilly

May's birthday flower is the Lily and can vary in colors. The lily also has cultural signficance in much of the world. The illustrious fragrant lily flower is known to represent purity.

June: Rose

The Rose represents June. roses are one of the most recognized flowers in the world and are a symbol of love, appreciation, and romance. Celebrate June birthday's with Roses.

July: Delphinium or Larkspur

The larkspur is July's flower and can mean easygoing and giddiness. Larkspurs are a great summer flower to celebrate a July birthday and the best of the summer.

August: Gladiolus

August is represented by gladiolus. The gladiolus flowers mean strength and sincerity and are great flowers for wishing someone a happy birthday.

September: Aster

Astors are the September birthday flower and symbolize charm and delicateness and is often used to compliment mixed flower bouquets. Look for boquets that are flushed with asters to celebrate a September birthday. They are also known to represent love and beauty.

October: Marigold

The marigold is the October flower. They are known for their fall colors of yellow and orange, which make them a perfect birthday flower for October. The marigold flower also symbolize affection or fondness.

November: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are the birth flower for the month of November and another great fall flower. Chrysanthemums are know to represent good spirits because of the many bright and vivid colors they're available in.

December: Poinsettia

The December birthday flower is poinsettia. Poinsettias traditionally are the plant we assocaite with the holiday season and are often red or white. They smbolize success and happy times.