Flowers by Colors

Did you know the color of flowers can have an impact on your mental mood and feelings. If you're ordering flowers and want to elicit a certain feeling or emotion choosing the right color can help.

You can choose to order flowers by color to convey an certain message for your Wedding or buy flowers based on certain colors to create a pleasant mood or atmosphere in your home.

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Flowers by Color & for Weddings

Red flowers are associated with love, heat, sexuality, romance and courage. If you give someone red flowers it shows empathy for your fellow man. If you love red flowers it means you are an optimist and enjoy living life to the fuillest. View a collection of red flowers.

Blue flowers are tranquil, serene and soothing like the sky and sea. A cool blue iris or rich looking hydrangea give a feeling of peace and tranquility. Blue also symbolize security, passion and enthusiasms. View a collection of blue flowers.

Radiant sunflowers or yellow daffodils will give you a feeling upliftment and cheerfullness. Yellow flowers remind us of sunny days and spring-time and symbolize optimism, fulfillment and friendship. View a collection of yellow flowers.

When you see green flowers you think of the peaceful and calm feeling of nature. Green flowers offer balance and compliment any arrrangment. Green is associated with hope, growth, and money and symbolize health, resilience, good fortune and youth. View a collection of green flowers.

Orange is for the individuals who are bright spirited and good-natured. Orange flowers are equally exciting, and energetic. A bright orange bouquet symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and warmth, and convey confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life. View a collection of orange flowers.

White flowers reflect a simple beauty. White is associated with innocence, purity, humility and frankness. A fresh floral arrangement filled with elegant white roses, carnations or white blossoms convey modesty and elegance. View a collection of white flowers.

Pink represents perfect happiness, gentility, grace, confidence, admiration. Pink flowers from the pink garden rise to fresh look of pink tulips, pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy. View a collection of pink flowers.

Purple has been assocaited with royalty and ceremony. Purple flowers signify dignity, pride and sucess. Whether its a bouquet of purple tulips or an arrangement of purple daisies, flowers signify achievement and respect. View a collection of purple flowers.

When you enter a room to see bright yellow roses you may think of summer, while giving someone a bouquet of blue flowers can send a mesage of traquility; and a boquet of red roses instantly conveys a message of love. Choosing a flower arrangement by color can be a great way to express a certain feeling for your occasion.

The symbolism of flower colors has a long tradition going back thousands of years. The flower colors you choose can be just as important as the type of flowers you choose.