Types of Flowers and Plants to Send a Man

Giving a guy flowers

There are lots of men who love gardening, planting and growing different plants. Yet it kind of goes without saying, women love flowers and are the primary recipients of flowers far more than men. Let's face it - It's the norm!

Women are attracted to beautiful colorful bouquets, and its customary to send women flowers at work or to bring her a nice bouquet home as a surprise gift.

But is it okay to buy men flowers or send him a bouquet at work?

It maybe okay to buy them certain flowers or plants but it's not a good idea to send a bouquet to his job. It's just not a traditional or cultural norm we've ever seen take hold in the U.S. While men may like looking at nice flowers just as much as women. Men are typically not as emotional receptive to colorful bouquets in the same way as women are when they are given as gifts. It really depends on the type of arrangement you're sending.

Or the other hand there are other options that you can choose besides colorful flowery bouquets. Florist are offering more than just the usual bouquet of colorful flowers. Florist certainly think there are plenty of men who appreciate different plant arrangements and bouquets because they are developing arrangements and creating gifts just for men.

If you're familiar with the guy and know he'll be receptive, you shouldn't have any problem with buying him a nice plant arrangement. If you are unsure then take note.

What you should Consider

Is he receptive and open minded and doesn't mind being sent a gift at work! Then you should have the green light there to do so. If not, save your self the trouble and headache, because you will not only create a conflict for yourself but you may even create an embarrassing situation for him at work.

If you are sending something to his home or apartment it would be great idea to send him something to compliment his home decor. Does he like to decorate his living space with one or two plants? Does he appreciate indoor gardens or perhaps have one of his own he actively maintains? Those are the type of question you may want to ask yourself as you search for the perfect plant or arrangement. Bonsai plants are great options to consider along with other bamboo type plants.

All of this can be important when choosing the right arrangement. You don't want to upset him or miss an opportunity to do something different.

Rules of engagement to consider when you are unsure:

  1. Avoid vibrant colors and bouquets that are to busy.
  2. Try masculine or simple arrangements like something exotic ( remember Bonsai).
  3. Find the meaning of the flowers or plant so it has some deeper significance.

With these rules in mind this can be a lot easier.

Types of Flowers and Plants for Men

birds of paradiseResearch shows men are visually stimulated and prefer vivid colors like red, yellow and orange. So when it comes to buying flowers for men don't think ordinary bouquet.

Again, consider a potted plant, something easy to take care of like a home or office Palm Plant or a Lucky Bamboo. Plants can be a nice gift that can add to the d├ęcor of any room, office, or dorm room space.

He may also appreciate flowers that are unique, and tropical like the birds of paradise (pictured to the right) which can compliment any office desk or area in the home. Another interesting choice is a planted anthuriums - which are kind of hard to find in local retail outlets but many online florist sell this type of plant.

And as a reminder, if the man you send flowers to has a hobby or interest also consider adding small items to accompany the floral bouquet like tickets to his favorite sporting event for added balance.

Do you think it's okay to send flowers to a guy?