Sympathy and Funeral Flowers: What's the right Choice?

You've just heard the news and you need to send sympathy flowers. Well it's never too late to send flowers to show you care. Sympathy flowers are always a great way to express condolences when words aren't enough.

You can send sympathy flower arrangements to the home of the surviving family members or to the funeral service.

What type of sympathy flowers should I send?

Consider the traditional sympathy spray on a freestanding easel, which can be easily seen during the service. If you are not sure about what type of standing spray you should buy call the florist – often they have a specialist who can help. Floor sprays are also common arrangements sent to the service that can be seen by the grieving family. There are also different types of sympathy baskets that are appropriate for the service that the family members can take home after the service.

Choosing the right sympathy arrangements depends on your relationship with the departed and the family members. For instance, it may be considered poor taste to send large floral pieces unless you are a member of the immediate family.

If you are a member of the immediate family sending large floral pieces, such as a funeral wreath, standing floral spray, standing floral cross, or a casket spray is acceptable. It's a good idea to also coordinate with other family members so there's mutual agreement.

For family friends and coworkers, it's more appropriate to send arrangements to funeral service like fireside baskets, or standing flower baskets.

If friends and co-worker are unable to attend the funeral service it is acceptable to send sympathy flowers to the bereaved family home. Common sympathy arrangements are blossoming plants, fruit or food gift baskets that are in good taste.

List of Different Types of Funeral or Sympathy Flowers

What if I'm in another state and want to send sympathy flowers to the service?

There are several ways to send sympathy flowers to the service if you are out of state. You can locate a local florist in the area where the service is being held and arrange for sympathy flower arrangements to be sent to the service with an additional card indicating who the flowers are from. You can talk with family members for guidance.

When sending funeral flowers, make sure you have the correct name and address of the funeral home handling the funeral and the time of the service. You can also call the funeral home to let them know you are sending flowers to the service. When you place your order for sympathy flowers you want to be sure they get there at least two hours before the service starts.

What message should I write on the card?

Often writing a personal message from you can give the grieving family a sense of shared sympathy and connection . See our list of suggestions if you're not sure what to write on a sympathy card. Your personal message can convey your personal feeling about the loss and what the person meant to you - if you knew the person. Keep in mind that your note should try to be comforting as much as possible.

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